januari 4, 2023


Years ago when I first arrived in The Netherlands I walked in to a fast food joint. My upbringing was to add myself to the back of the queue and browse the colorful and unrepresentative menu above before I get to the front and meet the cheerful person in the hat.

This is when I first realized that the Dutch are like pigeons. People in general follow the rules that have been installed in them since they were rugrats, breaking a habit of a lifetime is difficult so I was pushed to the side as other people joined in and eventually found myself outside of the establishment.

I have thought about this for many years and now see that no one person is to blame for the difference in behavior, cultural differences can be huge in something so simple as queuing. There are many more examples as I will try to humor myself by writing them down and hope that you also enjoy reading them.

My topics will be random and in no particular order but are for my own sanity and for my children to read once I am worm feed.

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